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Chłodna15 is not only the refined culinary offer.


At Chłodna 15 Restaurant guests are awaited by the extraordinary Wine List. It is composed of more than 120 positions, and more than 20 of them is available per glass. The restaurant possesses coravin, which makes it open to serve the glass of any wine from the list. To emphasize the French character of the place, 50% of the offer are French labels but the rest comes from all over the world, starting from Italy, Spain, Poland and other European countries up to the USA, New Zealand, South America and less popular destinations as Morocco. The restaurant also offers eco and bio-dynamic wines and orange taste will be available in the nearest future.

Chłodna 15 serves also a wide list of strong liquors. Starting from bermuts, liqueurs, traditional Polish tinctures through rums, vodkas, bourbons up to Irish, Scottish and Indian whisky, splendid cognacs, Armagnacs, calvados’s and Polish craft beers in the future.

Chłodna 15

ul.Chłodna 15, 00-891 Warsaw

tel. 730 737 644

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